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Lauren Taylor Berkman (co-founder) is an actor, singer, and teaching artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She has performed and taught throughout the U.S. and internationally, from Argentina to Switzerland. 


Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, she began performing at the age of 16 in musicals, choirs, and her own Jackass series with her childhood best friend (they have the scars to prove it).


After receiving her Bachelor of Music from Boston Conservatory, Lauren went on to study theatre at L’Ecole de Comédie Musicale in Paris. There she performed with non-profit theatre companies bringing new musical theatre to France, and taught English through theatre with Act and Bloom.


When she’s not performing, she is climbing mountains, playing the piano, listening to French 60’s pop, or searching for the best Berliner Weisse in New York City.

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